Firms and the Decline in Earnings Inequality in Brazil

with Jorge Alvarez & Felipe Benguria & Niklas Engbom
accepted, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics

Returns to Education Through Access to Higher-Paying Firms: Evidence from US Matched Employer-Employee Data

with Niklas Engbom
American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 2017, 107(5): 374-378

Working Papers

Earnings Inequality and the Minimum Wage: Evidence from Brazil [NEW VERSION!]

with Niklas Engbom

Optimal Paternalistic Savings Policies [NEW VERSION!]

with Pedro Olea de Souza e Silva

Works in Progress

Centralized Bargaining, Earnings Inequality, and Firm Investment

Implications of US Demographic and Inequality Trends for Optimal Income Taxation and Transfers
with Mikhail Golosov & Ali Shourideh

International Inequality and Fiscal Policy Cycles
with Mark Aguiar & Mikhail Golosov & Ali Shourideh

Other Publications

Firms as Drivers of (In-)Equality

Proceedings of the New Entrepreneurial Growth Conference, 2016, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City

How Could Wage Inequality Within and Across Enterprises be Reduced?

Global Wage Report 2016/17: Wage Inequality in the Workplace2016, International Labour Organization, Geneva